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I’ve just released all the music I made for The Rainbow Kid. It’s all instrumental with lots of lap steel.

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The film is really special and I hope you get a chance to see it soon. You have 3 opportunities to check it out at TIFF! Visit the official site for listings and tickets.


The Rainbow Kid: World Premiere at TIFF 2015!



Back in February, 2015, I met for coffee with director Kire Paputts to discuss writing some music for his film, The Rainbow Kid. He was looking for some original lap steel music and a mutual friend recommended me.

Six months later, the film is finished and scheduled to premiere at TIFF!

Here’s the first trailer for the film:

This is the first film I’ve scored on my own. But composing music for a film is really a collaboration between composer and director, and Kire was a great collaborator. I’m really happy with the way it all turned out. The film is beautiful.

I’ll post an update when we find out the official TIFF schedule. You can also keep up to date at

Discography: Good Lovelies – Burn The Plan

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Burn The Plan is the 5th album I’ve had the pleasure of making with Good Lovelies.

Each album sounds more assured than the last one. They’re not afraid to push beyond the safety of what worked before, and that only happens in an authentic way when you’re rooted as a band. Their individual songwriting styles are still identifiable, but after so many years of playing together it’s so much more cohesive sounding.




burn the plan cd

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