Discography: Andrew Downing – Otterville

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Andrew Downing is one of my favourite musicians and composers…and people! This album is really beautiful and I feel really lucky that I got to contribute to the sound.

Andrew Downing (cello)
Tara Davidson (saxophone)
Christine Bougie (lap steel)
Michael Davidson (vibraphone)
Nick Fraser (drums)
Paul Mathew (bass)

We’re playing this music tomorrow night, Jan 13th, 2017, at Hart House. It’s a free show!

New Year, New Mailing List

Happy New Year!

I’ve decided to switch my mailing list provider from Fanbridge to MailChimp.

Fanbridge has become way too expensive for me and my small but sacred list of subscribers. Not only is MailChimp free, but I actually think it looks a lot better. Especially on mobile devices. I’ve been struggling with the Fanbridge templates for a while now.

If you’re already receiving monthly emails from me, don’t worry, no need to do anything. I’ve moved everyone over to the new list.

If you’re not on this list and would like to be, sign up here:

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Hope your year is off to a great start,


Merry Christmas!

This year, for our annual Christmas song, Ali and I recorded Ron Sexsmith’s “Maybe This Christmas.”

Ali Eisner – vocals
Bryden Baird – horns
Christine Bougie – everything else

recorded at home
mixed by Dean Drouillard

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!