Stuff I Like – July 2014


This is from a series of posts on CD Baby’s The DIY Musician blog. I guess I’m biased because Gretchen is my friend, but this really is some solid advice. And more than that, it’s a kick in the ass to be courageous enough to make art that stands for something.

Gretchen article

In the pre-internet world, I used to rip out the rare articles like this from musicians I admired and I’d glue them into a notebook or onto my wall where I could reference them again and again. Some of those words of advice shaped my beliefs, helped me to make decisions, and just generally inspired me to keep going in the right direction.

Now we’re used to skimming things online, maybe stopping for a second to appreciate something valuable, and then moving on. This article deserves to be printed out and taped to a wall.


I recently got to play a couple tunes at with Isla Craig at a Sam Cooke tribute night. Since I only really know Isla from soul music nights at Holy Oak, I thought I should look her up online to see what her music is like. I downloaded her album Both The One… from Bandcamp and I think I’ve listened to it about 30 times since.

isla craig

There are two albums to check out here: Both The One…& The Other. Same songs (with one exception), different treatment. & The Other is all loops and Isla. She then took those songs and arranged them for vocals (with Felicity Williams, Daniela Gesundheit, Tamara Lindeman, and Ivy Mairi) and minimal piano. It’s mesmerizing and soulful. Buy it on bandcamp.


This is a beautiful graphic novel about a young girl and her family at a summer cottage.

This One Summer - page

I got sucked in immediately and ripped through the whole 300 pages in one sitting. I don’t think I can do it justice with my words here. Just go get it!

Discography: The Bicycles – Stop Thinking So Much

Bicyles cover
  • The Bicycles
  • Stop Thinking So Much
  • lap steel, guitar
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After playing a few Sam Cooke tunes with Drew Smith at Holy Oak last week, I realized I forgot to add this Bicycles album to my discography page. Drew is one fourth of The Bicycles. He’s also Doctor Ew!

I’ve been a fan of The Bicycles for years, so it was a real honour to get to play on this album.

Listen to The Bicycles – Stop Thinking So Much