The Rainbow Kid Theatrical Release


I’m so excited about this! The Rainbow Kid will be playing in theatres all across Canada starting May 4th, 2016.

It’s my first feature film score.

It’s only a limited release, but if we get lots of bums in seats it could mean more screenings for the film in the near future. So check out the link below for a full list of theatres and see if you can make it out and support this great film.

list of theatres and dates:

music from The Rainbow Kid:

Discography: Roxanne Potvin – For Dreaming

  • Roxanne Potvin
  • For Dreaming
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After a five year break from recording, Roxanne Potvin has returned with her best album yet. It was such a pleasure adding my guitar and lap steel parts to this. Listen HERE

I’ll be joining Roxanne for some dates this Spring:

Apr14 Petit Campus (Hello Darlin’ presents), Montréal, QC
Apr15 Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, QC
Apr16 The Painted Lady, Toronto, ON
Apr20 E-Bar, Guelph, ON
Apr21 London Music Club, London, ON
Apr23 Pearl Company, Hamilton ON
May26-27, Living Roots Music Festival, Fredericton, NB
May28 Creek View Restaurant, Gagetown, NB
May29 Barnone Brewery, PEI
May31 Baba’s Lounge, PEI
Jun1 Company House, Halifax, NS
Jun2 Plan B, Moncton, NB
Jun3 Port Medway Pub, Port Medway, NS
Jun4 Patchworks house concerts, Bedford, NS
Jun5 Lift the Wind concert series, St. Margarets Bay, NS

Discography: Jason Collett – Song and Dance Man

  • Jason Collett
  • Song and Dance Man
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It’s fun to rip open a copy of an album you’ve been anticipating. It’s fun if you’re a fan, and it’s just as fun if you played on the record.

It’s almost like getting a roll of film developed from a vacation you went on a few months ago. Afie, Don , Jason and I had a good thing going in the studio when we made this album.

When so much music is recorded in a disjointed way – everyone overdubbing their parts and rarely seeing the other musicians on the album, it feels extra special to spend time recording together. The old way, I guess. That’s how we made this album. Over a couple weeks last spring, song by song.