Tracking Fitness and Spending on Tour

Been on tour for a couple weeks now, with about a week and a half to go. Two helpful apps that I use while I’m on tour are Fitbit and Spendee.

I don’t always wear my fitbit when I’m at home. I find it more useful to track fitness goals for short periods, rather than every single day forever. I’ve written about this before. While I’m on tour I like to keep track of three fitnss metrics:

  • steps (goal: 10,000/day)
  • active minutes (goal: 30 minutes/day)
  • water (goal: 64 oz/day)

Doing pretty good so far on this tour. It’s surprising that you can sit in a van for 8 hours and still hit these targets if you’re focused on it.





To track my spending while on the road, I use the Spendee app. This is another app that works well for short periods. I think if you used it all the time you’d be too obsessive and robotic throughout the day.

It’s great for touring, just to keep track of per diems and buyouts.



Off Until The New Year

We just got off the road from months of touring. It’s been so much fun, although the travel is exhausting after a while. And it catches up with you! Eventually, we all got sick with colds.

Jason and Felicity Sleeping
(Jason and Felicity sleeping backstage)

I spent the last two days in bed.

Now we’re off for the holidays (except for this little gig on Thursday)!

I’m really looking forward to relaxing over Christmas, eating some cabbage rolls, visiting family and flaking out at home.

We’ll be back on the road in January, starting with a show in my hometown, St. Catharines, ON (get tickets here).

Here’s the full list of dates for January:

01/08 St. Catharines, ON – Sean O’Sullivan Theatre
01/09 Peterborough, ON – Market Hall Performing Arts Centre
01/10 Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre
01/12 Kingston, ON – The Grand Theatre
01/13 Barrie, ON – Georgian Theatre
01/14 Pittsburgh, PA – Club Café
01/16 Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
01/17 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge
01/20 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s Downstairs
01/21 Austin, TX – Stubb’s Jr
01/22 Dallas, TX – The Kessler
01/24 Omaha, NE – Reverb
01/25 Rock Island, IL – TBD
01/27 Iowa City, IA – The Mill
01/28 Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall
01/29 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
01/30 Ann Arbor, ME – Ann Arbor Folk Fest
01/31 London, ON – The Aeolian Hall

New Album! Christine Bougie/Dafydd Hughes – It Will Record

It Will Record cover
  • Christine Bougie/Dafydd Hughes
  • It Will Record
  • Buy

Dafydd Hughes and I have been making music together for a decade now. We both grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, but we didn’t actually meet until we were both living in Toronto.

Our mutual friend, Steve Zsirai, kept saying to me “you guys have to play together…you’re the same!” And when we finally got together to play some music, it was obvious. I had found the missing half of my musical brain.

Dafydd Hughes and Christine Bougie recording

I can’t even count how many times we’ve played the exact same thing at the exact same time. It’s an effortless collaboration.

In 2008 we recorded an album (produced by Dean Drouillard) together called This Is Awesome. I really love that one. We’d been playing as a duo every Monday night at The Tranzac, only imagining how other instruments would fill out the songs. And then we made that happen by overdubbing more instruments all over that record.

This time, though, we wanted to put down to tape the sound that we’d honed as a duo all these years. Literally, to tape.


Josh Van Tassel

Josh Van Tassel really instigated the recording of this album. He contacted the both of us and said “I have a tape machine. Let’s record for two days…no overdubs.”

Here it is! You can listen to/buy It Will Record right here.

Hope you like it.

New Album Out Now: FINALBOSS

Finalboss cover
  • Finalboss
  • Finalboss
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This one took a while to get finished. But that’s what happens when three busy people try to create music this way – in between all the other gigs that pay the bills. Over the past few years, Ben Gunning and I got together when we could to write some instrumental music. For a while, we even had a weekly commitment. Every Tuesday.

Once we reached the point of having about eight tunes done, we asked our friend, Joel Stouffer, to join us in taking this project to the next level.

With Ben and myself on guitars and Joel on drums, we developed these tunes over the course of many more Tuesday nights at my house. And finally, in September of 2013, we booked a couple days at Don Kerr‘s studio to record.

One year later, it’s finally ready for your ears!

A lot of heart, laughs and red wine went into the making of this album. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Get it here: