The Guitar Summit

This Saturday, March 7th 2015, I’ll be part of something called the “Guitar Summit,” which takes place at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. It’s part of Soulpepper’s Cabaret series.

Ted Quinlan, Don Ross, Nick Tateishi and I will each perform some solo guitar pieces as well as some duets/collaborations. I don’t do these kinds of shows very often, so I’m just hoping I can keep up with these super skilled guitar players! 

Tickets are $20-$25, and you can purchase them HERE.



Cabaret – The Guitar Summit at Young Centre for the Performing Arts

(photo by Graham Powell)

Tour Highlights – January 2015

It’s always nice to have a few recommendations from the locals when you’re visiting a city for a brief moment. My favourite day on tour was the morning I spent in Pittsburgh. Thanks to my friends Scott and Anne, I had a list of places to check out. Everything I love in one area: coffee, comics and Polish food.


The first day of the tour was pretty great, too. We played in my hometown, St. Catharines, ON. My dad made us a special pizza and brought it to us during soundcheck.


Other highlights from the tour:

-Playing Space Invaders in Louisville
-Hattie B’s in Nashville
-using my fitbit and reaching my 3 fitness goals every day
-eating a filet o’fish on the drive to Nashville
-Solo walk in Houston to coffee place in the hot sun
-watching HBO and drinking wine in bed in Topeka, Kansas – night off
-making a charcuterie board in the van
-eating room service and watching A Few Good Men – Milwaukee

…so, yeah, most of the highlights are food related. But that’s the stuff that separates the days. The shows are sort of one big blur!


Tracking Fitness and Spending on Tour

Been on tour for a couple weeks now, with about a week and a half to go. Two helpful apps that I use while I’m on tour are Fitbit and Spendee.

I don’t always wear my fitbit when I’m at home. I find it more useful to track fitness goals for short periods, rather than every single day forever. I’ve written about this before. While I’m on tour I like to keep track of three fitnss metrics:

  • steps (goal: 10,000/day)
  • active minutes (goal: 30 minutes/day)
  • water (goal: 64 oz/day)

Doing pretty good so far on this tour. It’s surprising that you can sit in a van for 8 hours and still hit these targets if you’re focused on it.





To track my spending while on the road, I use the Spendee app. This is another app that works well for short periods. I think if you used it all the time you’d be too obsessive and robotic throughout the day.

It’s great for touring, just to keep track of per diems and buyouts.



Off Until The New Year

We just got off the road from months of touring. It’s been so much fun, although the travel is exhausting after a while. And it catches up with you! Eventually, we all got sick with colds.

Jason and Felicity Sleeping
(Jason and Felicity sleeping backstage)

I spent the last two days in bed.

Now we’re off for the holidays (except for this little gig on Thursday)!

I’m really looking forward to relaxing over Christmas, eating some cabbage rolls, visiting family and flaking out at home.

We’ll be back on the road in January, starting with a show in my hometown, St. Catharines, ON (get tickets here).

Here’s the full list of dates for January:

01/08 St. Catharines, ON – Sean O’Sullivan Theatre
01/09 Peterborough, ON – Market Hall Performing Arts Centre
01/10 Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre
01/12 Kingston, ON – The Grand Theatre
01/13 Barrie, ON – Georgian Theatre
01/14 Pittsburgh, PA – Club Café
01/16 Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
01/17 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge
01/20 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s Downstairs
01/21 Austin, TX – Stubb’s Jr
01/22 Dallas, TX – The Kessler
01/24 Omaha, NE – Reverb
01/25 Rock Island, IL – TBD
01/27 Iowa City, IA – The Mill
01/28 Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall
01/29 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
01/30 Ann Arbor, ME – Ann Arbor Folk Fest
01/31 London, ON – The Aeolian Hall