116 Thank You’s

Yesterday morning, while I strolled around the Word on the Street event at Queen’s Park, six months of fundraising finally came to an end.  Thank you for all the support!

I’m happy to report that the album is on track, and will be released in October, just as I intended.  Hooray for public commitments and accountability!

I’ll make it available online first, and then I’ll book a CD Release party sometime in November.  If you want to keep up to date with info about the release and what not, sign the list:


And now, for some gratitude…

I want to thank everyone!

I can’t possibly fit all of these names in the liner notes of the new CD, but I wanted to publicly acknowledge everyone who contributed to the funding of this project.

Adam Warner
Aerin Caley
Ali Berkok
Ali Eisner
Alison Grevatt
Amy Millan
Andrea Ridgley
Andrew Downing
Angela Kelsey
Anthony Tummillo
Benjamin Mueller-Haeslip
Bernie Schwarz
Brad Holden
Brian Deignan
Brian Kroeker
Carolyn Taylor
Chuck Elrichman
Colleen Hixenbaugh
Dan Kershaw
Dave Lang
David Gillis
David Norris
David Warde Farley
Dayle & Elliot Gordon
Dean Wolfe
Denis Gertler
Devin Hornby
Donna Grantis
Drew Birsten
Elena Potter
Fumiko Maehara
Greg Hobbs
Hazel Bentley
Heather Hase
Howie Beck
James Anstey
James Sakic
Jamie Ruben
Jane and Pat Dunphy
Jaron Freeman-Fox
Jason Fidalgo
Jason Tait
Javier Lovera
Jeff Mindell
Jeff Peer
Jen Markowitz
Jennifer Ryan
Jesse Markowitz
Joel Corriveau
Joel Stewart
John Park and Angela Lee
John Fraser
John Harris
John Russon
John Stinson
John Zytaruk
Jonathan Tan
Josh Van Tassel
Julie Bot
Julie Fader
Julie Wilson
Kaleb Robertson
Kari Romaniuk
Kevin Wilson
Kim DeLaat
Krista Macfarlane
Laura Repo
Laurie McGregor
Lia Grimanis
Lisa Ayuso
Lisa Brooke
Lisa Hubbard
Lori Cullen
Marcel Boer
Marcus Wilson
Mariko Tamaki
Marissa Bracke
Mark Page
Marshall Bureau
Matt Fullbrook
Matt Roberts
Megan Hamilton
Michelle Mama
Mike Ardagh
Nancy Dutra
Nathaniel Edgar
Nick Zubeck
Patricia Jones
Patty Meredith
Paul and Annie Eisner
Peter Jozsa
Peter Steven
Phil Baisley
Phil Rushworth
Preet Shihn
Reg Schwager
Rich & Colleen St Marseille
Rob McBride & Sarah Jerrom
Robbie Grunwald
Robin Peacocke
Robin Senior
Roger Travassos
Sameer Desjardins
Sarah Harmer
Sean Morley
Sheila Foley
Shelley Coopersmith
Shelly Davine
Shirley Cove
Sky Shaver
Suzie Vinnick
Thomas Gill
Thomas Parker
Tim Kirkwood
Tom Power
Wendell Ferguson
You all rock.



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