21 Canadian Musicians With Blogs


3 weeks after I started this blog, I posted a short list of some other musicians (mostly just friends of mine) with blogs.

Now, 6 months later, here’s my follow-up to that post.

I decided to narrow it down to Canadian musicians, but I’m still interested in checking out musician blogs from anywhere in the world, so send me links!

So here it is, in no particular order…

  • Mike Evin – Evin On Earth – Check out how he’s raising funds for his current recording project.  Smart.
  • Stacey McLeod – Hooks & Ladders – I’ve known and played with Stacey for a while (we sometimes play with Ronley Teper together), but only recently discovered that she has the best blog ever.
  • Aaron Dawson – Dirty InputsYou might know him from his band Off The International Radar, but did you know that Aaron and I used to be part of a Secret Millionaire Brunch Club? We met every Sunday (there were about 5 of us) and played the most geeky financial/investing board game you’ve never heard of.  Those were the days.  And now we’re millionaires!
  • Alex Hickey – alexsings – Her tagline sums it up: “A blog about singing, songwriting, creativity and community.” Man, I need a tagline for my blog.
  • Emma-Lee  – Adventures In Dreamland – I played lap steel on her newest album and have since discovered that she’s not only a singer-songwriter, but a photographer, too!
  • Hobson’s Choice – as long as there are birds – Not sure if everyone in the band contributes to the blog, but I’ve read some posts from Michael Davidson, Felicity Williams, and Rebecca Hennessy.  Wait – that just leaves Harley Card.  Harley – do you write any of these posts?
  • Shawn Clarke –Birds Too Tired To Fly – If you’re looking for good music to check out in Toronto, you should subscribe to his blog.
  • David Myles – davidmyles.com – I kinda know David through Josh Van Tassel (see below).
  • Josh Van Tassel – joshuavt.com – I wouldn’t be doing this if Josh didn’t do it first.
  • Kori Pop – koripop.com – Ted Buck sent me this link to Kori’s site.  She’s a songwriter from Hamilton, ON.
  • Ray Cammaert – Pink Moth – My friend Ray.  I love his blog almost as much as his music.
  • Ali Berkok – Integrity Of Being – Ali doesn’t have any idea how many times I’ve almost accidentally sent him very personal emails. (My girlfriend’s name is Ali.)
  • Doug Friessen – Creative-ed – The music teacher you wish you had in high school.

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of great blogs here, so if you know of any more, let me know.

3 Responses to 21 Canadian Musicians With Blogs

  1. Harley Card says:

    Hey Christine,

    Great site, I’ve been enjoying reading and listening. Thanks for including hobson’s choice in your list, and yes I do contribute to our blog and have done so more often lately….


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