31 posts in 31 days to reflect on 2009

shotHappy New Year!

Ali and I have been relaxing at home all day.  No more parties, no real work to do until next week.  Blissful.

I’m officially back to my regular blogging schedule (Tuesdays and Fridays) since the Best of 2009 Blog Challenge wrapped up last night.

my bests of 2009

  1. best trip – didn’t travel too far, didn’t stay too long, but had the best time ever
  2. restaurant moment – being the Flash in LA, and a 3am dance with Ali at the Lakeview
  3. article – “1000 True Fans”
  4. best book – the best audiobook ever: Carrie Fisher’s “Wishful Drinking”
  5. night out – Henhouse
  6. workshop – reminiscing about Banff in 2004
  7. blog find – “The Art Of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau
  8. moment of peace – at the planetarium
  9. challenge – the most difficult post I’ve written
  10. best album – in which I discover that I’ve played on 15 albums in 2009!
  11. best place – The Tranzac
  12. new food – smoked applewood cheddar
  13. change to the place you live – this house is awesome
  14. rush – playing a tune with Mary Margaret O’Hara and Don Rooke
  15. best packaging – an ode to the digipak
  16. tea of the year – for better or for worse: earl grey
  17. word or phrase – it’s hard to sum up the year in one word!  so I chose a picture instead
  18. shop – how I spent $1206.26 on books and music. featuring pie charts!
  19. car ride – 119 hours in the van
  20. new person – Paul Linklater
  21. project – my top 3 projects of 2009
  22. startup – my dad’s little pizza shop
  23. web tool – awesome web tool for time tracking
  24. learning experience – The Missing Piece Meets the Big O
  25. gift – what I gave to my parents this year for Christmas
  26. insight or aha! moment – insights from Twyla Tharp and Stephen King
  27. social web moment – happened on facebook
  28. stationery – you are a special kind of person if you actually click on this link
  29. laugh – Dan Whiteley, the funniest person I know
  30. ad – I got a little bit ranty in this one
  31. resolution – the one I always make and break

8 Responses to 31 posts in 31 days to reflect on 2009

  1. Gwen Bell says:

    Thank you, Christine. For your storytelling abilities, for sharing. For your candor and wit. I look forward to growing our online friendship in 2010.

  2. Peg says:

    I loved your list. All kinds of wonderful stuff in there. I can’t wait to listen to “Wishful Drinking”! ♥

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