34 Days On Tour [VIDEO]

Just got back from over a month on tour with Gretchen Peters. I captured a couple seconds of each day while on tour. Here’s the whole tour in a little over a minute.

1. Arriving in London after a long flight. Food poisoning made it feel longer!

2. Our happy Irish taxi driver telling us his Bono story

3. The Venue Theatre, Ratoath, Ireland. First WOOOAAAHH of the tour.

4. In the elevator at The Radisson Blu, Belfast.

5. BBC video shoot in Belfast

6. Driving to Limavady

7. Flying to Newcastle

8. Duck confit on our first night off

9. Ben Glover, plugging in for soundcheck in Bristol

10. Soundcheck, Grievous Angel, The Electric Palace – Bridport

11. In the van after playing Derby

12. Gretchen signing CDs in Edinburgh, Scotland

13. Had to see The Cavern in Liverpool

14. Zombie Barry

15. Another pre-show WOOOAAHH in Salisbury

16. Birthday bubbles in the van after playing Leamington Spa

17. Spending unused buy-out money on a fancy meal

18. I almost forgot to record video this day, so this is 11:57 in the van after Milton Keynes

19. Ben begins his opening set at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London

20. My world on stage

21. Soundcheck – City Varieties, Leeds

22. Flying to Brussels

23. Recapping the first German show

24. A long drive to Munich. Electrical fire in the van, cracked windshield, schnitzel

25. Walking over the Charles Bridge in Prague

26. Rebecca printing out set lists before the show in Dresden

27. Church bells ringing out in the market square, Nuremberg

28. Staying up to date with the news back home

29. Barry’s best soundcheck. Caffeine was consumed.

30. Laundry time!

31. So many bikes! The Netherlands, of course

32. Ready to play the Paradiso in Amsterdam

33. Meat and cheese party in the van after Den Haag

34. One last WOOOAAHH!

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