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Nothing Is Original

You may have seen this somewhere on the interwebs already. A great quote from Jim Jarmusch (and beautiful poster)…


Taking a bit of time off this week. Out of the city and off of devices. Not completely, but as much as I can around the work I need to do. Here’s a great article by Jonatahn Fields about creativity, … Continue reading

12 Tunes Done (first draft)

I just finished a long period of composing.  It took about five months to settle on 12 new tunes, which is a couple months longer than I expected. But creative projects almost always take longer than you expect. I consider … Continue reading

30 Days

I unsubscribed from Lifehacker sometime last year because there were just too many posts. Luckily, the world will curate the site and interesting posts will make their way onto my screen. This little post about trying something new for 30 … Continue reading