Aloha Supreme CDs Have Arrived!

What a crazy day. This morning I went to Humber College to speak to a Music Business class.  I talked about stuff like blogging and crowdfunding, and Yesim Tosuner talked about graphic design. And while I was doing this, Ali drove out to Scarborough to pick up 1000 copies of my new CD!

I only had 4 hours between ripping open the first CD and getting on this tour bus, but I got a lot accomplished in that short time!

The official Toronto CD Release date is set for November 21st, but all pre-orders are being mailed out within the next couple days, thanks to my wonderful girlfriend. I prepared all the envelopes so she can lug them over to the post office while I’m gone.

How lucky am I?

(photos by Ali Eisner)

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  1. Aerin says:

    Send hugs to Ali please for all that mailing – I can’t wait to get mine!! Have a great tour, even if you aren’t getting close enough for me to see a show. 🙂

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