And The Fall Touring Is Done

My last month, in point form:

  • left on October 26th to play a week and a half of shows with Joey Wright, opening for Sarah Harmer. (Montreal QC to Summerside PEI)
  • flew from the east coast to Vancouver to play more shows with Joey, this time joined by Jesse Zubot and Dan Whiteley.
  • home for 3 days
  • flew back out east to play a few shows with John McDermott
  • flew back to Toronto to play my CD Release show, followed by a 3 days at home
  • capped off the Joey Wright fall tour with 3 more shows (Toronto, Montreal and Perth)
  • took the train home on Sunday afternoon

…and now…I’m home for the foreseeable future.

It’s been a fun month of playing mostly drums…

That’s me hiding in the back. Ali complains that I’m always obscured when I’m on stage. Like this…

And even when I play guitar up at the front of the stage, I look sort of hidden…

It’s been so much fun hanging out with these guys and making music together. ┬áCan’t wait until we get to do it all again.

(photos by Ali Eisner)

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