Best Of ’09: blog find of the year

Today is Day 7 of Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge

Q: what was your blog find of the year?

A: This one is easy. In April ’09, Seth Godin wrote this tiny post.  Not long after that, I discovered a huge community of really nice people (including Gwen Bell) who do really interesting things online.

My blog find of the year… Chris Guillebeau’s The Art Of Non-Conformity


Chris has become my role-model for doing things right online.  In fact, it was his site that inspired me to start this one!  It’s also beautifully designed.

Here’s a list of some things I love about/discovered through his blog:

  • 279 Days To Overnight Success – this is the free PDF that Seth Godin linked to, and so it was my introduction to Chris’ writing. So helpful for someone starting a blog.
  • Havi Brooks – there are only a few blogs that I read religiously, and Havi’s is one them.
  • The Unconventional Guide To Art & Money – aside from being loaded with useful info about making a living as an artist, this introduced me to the work of at least a dozen amazing visual artists.  4 stars for this one.
  • Why People Hate Marketers – I loved this article and I wish that everyone involved in selling anything online (which means all of my musician friends) would read it.
  • Gwen Bell – you may be reading this post because you’re participating in Gwen’s blog challenge.  I discovered Gwen through Chris’ site, too.
  • How To Conduct Your Own Annual Review – this article really appealed to my geeky side.  Oh my god.  I think it’s because I’ve never had an office job – I’ve developed a fetish for all things office-y, like spreadsheets and “reviews.”  Coincidentally, Chris just posted his 2009 Annual Review today!  I’ll be carving out some time around Christmas to do my own review.

4 Responses to Best Of ’09: blog find of the year

  1. Hey Christine! I’m so honored/honoured… thank you for your vote of confidence. It means a great deal to me, and I’m grateful for the chance to have connected with you as well.

    Wishing you well for your awesome 2010 plans,


  2. ali berkok says:

    thanks for the tips Christine. It’s hard to find a way of getting your stuff out there when a) it feels phony to pimp it even when you know it’s worthwhile and b) there is such a glut of resources out there that seem good at first then you realize that they are “marketers” who aren’t really about the art and more about marketing as an end in itself.

    I’ll check these out – maybe they’ll help me come to terms with the idea of self-promotion (if done properly).

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