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I’m going to commit to blogging every Wednesday for a while. “A while” feels too vague, though…I’ll say “for the rest of 2017” instead.

I can think of a few good reasons to keep up a blog:

1. to keep my site current
2. to keep my writing practice fresh
3. to get better at writing and talking about what I’m doing
4. to put things out into the world – you never know where they might lead
5. to take time to reflect on what I’m doing

More importantly, I hope that it’s interesting and/or useful to you.

So what can I share with you this week?

As I write this I’m listening to Bohren & Der Club Of Gore’s Piano Nights. The tempos are well suited to early morning writing. I’m feeling deep into summer mode and that means lots of gigs – festivals, mostly. Here’s where I’ll be over the next few weeks:

July 23 – I’m subbing in for Gord Tough on guitar with Sarah Harmer in Banff.
July 29 & 30 – I’m doing a couple solo lap steel performances as part of Stratford Summer Music Festival’s Musical Brunches series.
August 4Patricia O’Callaghan will be performing the music of Leonard Cohen at The Festival of Sound in Parry Sound, and I’ll be playing guitar and drums in the band.
August 6Bahamas is playing at Area 506 Festival in Saint John, NB.

I’ll leave you with this photo of Afie displaying his festival fashion and Jason just being Jason at Vancouver Folk Fest…



2 Shows with The Queer Songbook Orchestra

I’m so excited to finally play in the Queer Songbook Orchestra. This weekend I’ll be subbing in for Thom Gill on guitar. Thom is such a brilliant player and an integral part of the group, so I can only hope that I’ll be a worthy substitute.

On Friday July 7th the QSO will be backing up Vivek Shraya for the release of her new album Part-Time Woman. It’s a free show at The AGO! And on Sunday July 9th we’ll be performing at The National Arts Centre in Ottawa with guest artists Carole Pope, Lorraine Segato, Wayson Choy & Beverly Glenn Copeland.

Hope to see you at one of these shows!


(Vivek Shraya performing with the QSO. Photo by Ali Eisner)

Andrew Downing’s Otterville – Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal

It’s a mini-tour!

I love playing lap steel in this band. The music is beautiful and so are the players. You can listen to the album we made here.


June 25th – Toronto @ The Rex
June 26th – Ottawa @ La Nouvelle Scene
June 27th – Café Resonance

Andrew Downing (cello)
Mike Smith (bass)
Allison Au (saxophone)
Michael Davidson (vibraphone)
Andrew Miller (drums)
Christine Bougie (lap steel)



(photos by Ali Eisner)

Website Makeover


It’s been a few years since I gave this site a nice makeover.

Thanks to Dafydd Hughes, this site now has a slick new look! And thanks to Mike Roberts for the gorgeous artwork.

Click around and let me know what you think!

If you’re getting this blog post delivered straight to your inbox, you must be a longtime follower of this blog and I’d love to get your feedback.




Weekly Recap #6: What I’m Listening To, Reading and Watching



I didn’t listen to any new music this week. Probably because I had my album release show and I was so focused on preparing that music. But I did start listening to this audiobook…

The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer [AUDIOBOOK]

I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as I’m liking it, so it’s a nice surprise. It’s honest, raw, well-written, and the audiobook is produced really well.


Time Travel: A History- James Gleick [BOOK]

Having watched Back To The Future as a 6 year old, it’s hard for me to imagine a time when the concept of time travel didn’t even exist in the culture. I grew up with that concept firmly in place – grappling even as a kindergartener with the paradoxes and loops of time travel. I never stopped to think that there was a time before. And I didn’t know that H.G. Wells was the first to articulate the idea. Before that, did anyone even consider the possibility of moving through time?

This book gets into all the history, literature, philosophy and science of time travel. It’s awesome.

Supergirl: Being Super – Mariko Tamaki and Joëlle Jones  [COMIC BOOK]

I’m all caught up with this series and now I’m eagerly awaiting the final instalment (which comes out next month)!


Supergirl [TV SHOW]

Introduced this show to our god kids this week. We watched the pilot episode (2015).

Buffy The Vampire Slayer [TV SHOW]

A friend of ours just started watching Buffy for the first time. I wish I could erase it from my memory and be in that position again! Second best option: watching it along with the newbie. We watched the series finale with her and had a major debriefing immediately afterwards. It holds up!