2 Special Shows in St. Catharines, ON

On Oct 21st and 22nd, I’ll be returning to my hometown of St. Catharines to play two very special shows. It’s not that often that I get to play in St. Catharines at all, let alone two shows in the same weekend!

Sarah Jerrom & Christine Bougie play the music of Joni Mitchell

Saturday October 21st
Mahtay Cafe – St. Catharines

If it wasn’t for Joni Mitchell, I probably wouldn’t be playing guitar for a living.

Growing up in St. Catharines in the pre-internet days, I used to discover music at the library. The St. Catharines library had a pretty decent collection of CDs, and you could take out 10 for a whole week! After a friend lent me a copy of Joni’s 1980 live album Shadows and Light, I went to the library and checked out CDs from every musician listed in the liner notes. From there I connected-the-dots that lead me to discover so much of the music that shaped me as a musician.

When vocalist Sarah Jerrom approached me about doing a night of Joni’s music, I didn’t hesitate. Playing Joni’s music in our hometown feels extra special.

Joining us on bass is Rob McBride, my good friend and Sarah’s husband.


Benoît LeBlanc w/Christine Bougie, Felicity Williams, Andrew Downing

Sunday October 22nd
FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre –
St. Catharines

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This will be my first time at the new performing arts centre (aka “The PAC”) in downtown St. Catharines!

Felicity Williams, Andrew Downing and I will be accompanying Quebecois singer-songwriter and musicologist Benoît LeBlanc. This is the first in a new series of french musical events at FOPAC, and that’s something I’m really proud to be a part of.

In addition to accompanying Benoît, we will perform a set of instrumental music to open the show. Our set will feature some of our original compositions, as well as music from one of St. Catharines’s musical heroes, Kenny Wheeler.

Hope to see you at these shows!

Staying Fit on a 10 Day Tour

Traveling in a van, playing catch-up to Jack Johnson’s crew on busses, we end up spending a good chunk of the day on our butts. Over the course of this 10 day tour, we’ll have spent about 49 hours in the van.

Luckily, we all like to stay fit. Every gas station stop on the highway is a chance for a few minutes of fitness. Darcy and Afie have their skipping ropes, Felicity is more of a yoga person, and we all like to do planks and push-ups.

Pre-show planks is our new ritual…


With the help of my trainer, I planned out one hour-long workout to do halfway through this tour. I used the 30/30 app to set up a series of timers that run back to back. It’s perfect for circuit training. Here are the two circuits I designed:


We’ve got two more shows to do before heading home. And about 9 hours in the van 🙂


10 Day Tour – Virginia Beach to West Palm Beach

I’m writing from Virginia Beach today at the start of a 10 day tour. Bahamas opening for Jack Johnson. We’ve done a bunch of shows with Jack over the last few years, and we’ve got another run with him in Australia coming up in December.

We started the long drive from from Toronto to Virginia Beach yesterday morning at 9am. Just me, Darcy, Ryan and Felicity in the van. The nice thing about starting a tour in the van, rather than flying, is that I can pack a few extra things. More space to spread out. Some extra things I brought on this 10 day tour:

– pillow and sleeping bag (for naps in the van)
– coffee kit (Aeropress, hand grinder, beans)
– protein powder and shaker bottle
– running gear

I’d say the highlight of the long drive was when Felicity and I rigged up a movie theatre using dental floss in the backseat to watch The Big Sick.

Discography: Bunny – Bunny

  • Bunny
  • Bunny
  • lap steel
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I love Drew Smith’s music. There are so many catchy hooks and beautiful melodies on this album! Perfect pop.

I played lap steel on two tracks:

Aloo Lemmi Noyoo

Jay Anderson: drums
Jordan Howard: lead guitar
Peter Chapman: vibraphone
Alex Samaras: backing vocals
Christine Bougie: lap steel
Dan Werb: Fender Rhodes
Drew Smith: bass, guitar, vocal, keys, percussion


Chris Sandes: piano, lead guitar, synths
Christine Bougie: lap steel
Brent Rendall: bass
Tom Richards: trombone
Randy Lee: violin
Drew Smith: acoustic guitar, vocals

There’s also a great video for Aloo Lemmi Noyoo