Checklist: 20 Things To Bring On Tour

Last year, around this same time, I made a list of 31 things to bring on tour.

I’m about to leave for a few weeks of touring again (with Joey Wright) , but this time I’m trying to bring less.

  1. lap steel
  2. pedals
  3. amp
  4. patch chords
  5. passport
  6. toiletry bag
  7. t-shirts
  8. long sleeves
  9. hoodies
  10. jeans
  11. socks and underwear
  12. jogging pants
  13. flash costume (once again I’m out of town for Halloween. so I’m bringing my favourite costume)
  14. running gear (shoes, clothes, etc)
  15. laptop (+ internet stick)
  16. cell phone
  17. camera
  18. chargers (2)
  19. movies
  20. new CDs!!!

Any suggestions? Am I missing anything obvious?

8 Responses to Checklist: 20 Things To Bring On Tour

  1. Aerin says:

    Well, I couldn’t survive without books. And the weather here lately calls for gloves, scarf and hat – especially after dark. And fresh pens for autographing CDs!

  2. Shelley Coopersmith says:

    can you take our new mayor and dump him out on the road in some wilderness maybe? (seriously, I was also thinking “a book to read”)

  3. oops. I put “pedals” twice. Gotta switch one of those to “patch chords.”

    and BOOKS! …of course!

    @Shelley – he can ride his bicycle alongside our bus if he wants.

  4. I like to have a headlamp with me, just in case I need light for whatever reason.

    I also like to bring cue cards and a nice pen. This is for when I find myself in a new town, and I want to just walk around and get lost. I often find that kind of scenario gives me new ideas, and I need to capture them somehow, (and don’t want to lug a laptop with me.)

    Have a great time!

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