Colleen & Paul, RCM, and getting back to the Tranzac

Time for some Friday randomness…

Colleen & Paul

I got to be a drummer last night…all night!  First, I played with Colleen & Paul, my favourite songwriting team.  Next, the band that was supposed to play after us couldn’t make it over the border, so Ron Sexsmith jumped in and did a short solo set.  Lucky us! I got back on the drums for the third set with Paul Linklater, filling in for Don Kerr who called in sick.

Paul Linklater = genius

Paul Linklater

Cancellations can make for nice spontaneity. I got to play with and listen to some of my favourite songwriters on the planet.

I highly recommend Collen & Paul’s music.  Our album is not quite ready yet, but you should definitely pick it up when it’s available.  That’s only if you want to have really catchy songs stuck in your head.

RCM guitar syllabus

This week I’ve been immersed in reviewing the Royal Conservatory of Music’s new guitar syllabus.  When I got the email, I had a moment of hesitation, thinking I was being asked to review their classical syllabus.  I guess I just associate the RCM with really traditional guitar.  Not the case, though.  Here’s the short description of their “Guitar Now” syllabus…

The focus of guitar now is to develop the art of creative
improvisation, composition, and ensemble performance on
the electric or acoustic guitar.

Sounds very well-rounded.  Good on them for using modern repertoire in their syllabus.

every monday for the rest of my life

I’m pretty excited to get back to The Tranzac this Monday (Nov 16th) for my weekly duet gig with Dafydd.  We’ve been playing every Monday for over a year now, and I just missed 4 in a row, being on tour.

If you are unaware of the music I play with Dafydd, check it out here.  And/or come by The Tranzac on any Monday at 7pm to hang out and listen to some quiet music.

speak soon


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