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I said I’d share more of what I’m listening to on the blog, but I haven’t been doing a great job.  So I’ll share with you a few things I can’t stop listening to lately…

IMPORTANT: If you don’t see any videos below, you’ll have to read this post here:

On the way back from a Colleen & Paul gig in Hamilton on Friday night, Ron put on this new Ry Cooder CD in the van.  I love Ry Cooder’s sound.  I’m as in love with his production choices as I am with his playing.  And what a weirdo – to put out these concept albums.  Amazing.  Check out the whole album.  This is just the one track I could find on youtube.

A few weeks ago, I was at Silent Joe’s playing some guitar on Emilie Mover‘s new album, when I got into a big discussion with the engineer about movie music.  I showed him my favourite stuff (Elmer Bernstein’s score for To Kill A Mockingbird) and he showed me his favourite stuff, like the last scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Henry Mancini’s score).  Can you believe this is 1961?  It sounds like the most modern music…and so dark!  I’m so into this…

(If you don’t have time to watch the whole 5 minutes, just skip to 2:00)

No mix is complete without The Band.  Here’s my absolute favourite version of When You Awake. I aspire to this…

What are you listening to these days?

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  1. scotty c. says:

    right now the band i’m listening to most is UFO! not that they are that great (although Michael Schenker is always good to listen to!), it’s just so different from my usual tastes, it’s as “new” to me as anything!
    that said, Brian May solo album “Back To The Light” is great! and “The Trip” by Electric Flag is a blast! Michael Bloomfield, there, but it’s a film score, not so much a guitar album.. crazy good! and i just got “The Stewart Copeland Collection”, 21 tracks, ALL written by him, some of his solo work and film work. Dude is a Mad Scientist! Songs, not just ambient stuff…impressive! Prog/Fusion/Psychedlia!
    oh, yeah, and the Wayne Shorter album, “Ju Ju”, from 1964. really fun to jam along with!
    and of course, tons of King Crimson, Les Paul, and Allan Holdsworth, but that never changes lol

  2. deltaslide says:

    Great choices!-I sure hope I get to hear Ry live at least once in my life. I’m still deeply entranced with Jon Hassell’s “Last Night The Moon Came Dropping It’s Clothes In The Street.” I can’t tell you how great I think this record is. There’s also Pat Metheny’s “Orchestrion,” the entire Steely Dan catalogue (incl. solo records), Hank Jones, as well as the usual blues, old-time, and metal…

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