Death and Stressy Stuff

Haven’t updated the blog in a few weeks.

After a really nice weekend at a friend’s cottage, I arrived home to find out my grandma died. On top of that, I’ve had some health issues (nothing life-threatening, just some chronic stuff and a bad wisdom tooth infection), and other stressy stuff.

And then I went on tour.

I’m home just for a few days off.  Flying back out west on Friday morning to finish the tour.

So…I’m getting back on track. I like to stick to my schedule of posting something on the blog every Tuesday, but sometimes my routines fall apart.

I’m working on my monthly email newsletter thingy, where I’ll tell you more about all this stuff. It’ll go out tomorrow. Here’s where you can get it. 




One Response to Death and Stressy Stuff

  1. Sean in Victoria says:

    Hi Christine,
    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother.
    You mentioned playing out west. Are coming to Victoria?

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