Discography: 5 New Entries

This morning I was recording some lap steel on Emma-Lee‘s newest album when it occurred to me that I haven’t updated my discography page in a while.  Since I’m only blogging once a week, I’m going to cram in 5 discography entries into this one post.

I’ll start with Emma-Lee

On her last album, Never Just A Dream, I played lap steel on one track called “Isn’t It Obvious.”

This is the only time I’ve been recorded playing the lap steel without my volume pedal. If I remember correctly, I was trying to sound like James Robertson.

Another memorable moment from that session: Emma-Lee told me about blurb.com. I used that site shortly thereafter to make a book for Ali’s birthday.

When I met Adam Warner in 2005, he was putting the finishing touches on an album called No Place To Lay. I had just signed on to be his drummer for a Cameron House residency, and I think he wanted to include me on the album in some way. So I came in to play some percussion on “No Ending.” I’m pretty sure that’s all I played on the album, but I know these songs so well from all those fun Mondays at the Cameron.

When it came time to do another album, we were really a band (me, Adam, Dean Drouillard and Steve Zsirai). On Sawdust and Sour Apples, I played drums on 4 or 5 tunes, as well as some lap steel.

I miss playing these songs with Adam.  We still get to play together, but usually as a rhythm section. Adam is one of the best drummers I know.

I play guitar and some lap steel in Roxanne Potvin‘s band.  She kicks my ass at blues guitar, so I try to stay out of her way.

No Love For The Poisonous was a departure for Rox.  Her previous work was much more blues-focused, and here she was attempting to break out of that box and get deeper into songwriting.  Though she’s received some slack from the blues nazis for this, I think it’s great.

Oh – and she just finished an album with producer Steve Dawson. I’ve only heard one track so far, so I’m very excited for the rest.  We’ll be touring it this spring.

Okay, one more entry…

The Good Lovelies released a new album TODAY. It’s called Let The Rain Fall and I played drums all over it.

Ali took some nice photos during the recording sessions, too.

There are still so many more albums I need to add to my discography page.  More to come…

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