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Colleen And Paul
  • Colleen And Paul
  • Colleen And Paul
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This is a beautiful new record with really, really catchy tunes.

I’ve already written about how much I love Paul’s music before, and I love his project with Colleen just as much.

I loved making this record.

I rode my bike over to Paul’s house to record the drums in two short afternoon sessions.

Whenever I get to play drums with Darcy Yates on bass, I’m happy. We’ve worked together for so many years now, it’s just so easy.

And I love that it’s just the four of us on the album. Nothing fancy!

Album credits:

Colleen Hixenbaugh…vocals, rhythm guitar
Paul Linklater…vocals, lead guitar
Christine Bougie…drums, lap steel
Darcy Yates…hofner bass

Listen…(click on “buy” to download the track for free)

You can get the album HERE.


2 Responses to Discography: Colleen and Paul

  1. Robin Senior says:

    Sweet! I used to see Colleen play with By Divine Right all the time, and was wondering what she was up to these days.

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