Discography: Dean Drouillard – The Bear Lake

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  • The Bear Lake
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Dean asked me to come over one day and play lap steel on some tracks.  The only thing was, I wasn’t allowed to prepare ahead of time.  He recorded me playing over the tracks as I listened to them for the first time.  One take only.  I’m pretty sure this is how he recorded the entire album.

Here’s how Dean describes it…

“The Bear Lake was created over 2-year period developing from structural and sonic experiments, in an attempt to wander from musical tradition. The idea was to create music that doesn’t sound like so much like songs as it does unpredictable journeys. The music is rooted less in form and context than in impulse and atmosphere. It is meant to be experienced from beginning to end. The result is a seamless collection of slow-moving spontaneous deconstructed pieces.”

As with all albums sold on bandcamp.com, you can listen to this entire album for free. Enjoy!

Oh – and you know that Dean is producing my new album, right?

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