Favourite Meals Of 2010

Today’s Reverb10 prompt is from Elise Marie Collins:

Soul food. What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

This one should be easy. I usually take pictures of my favourite meals.  Let’s start with breakfast in New York…

This is my dream breakfast. Polenta with pancetta and poached eggs at Cafe Select. Amazing.

On that same trip to New York, Ali and I ate the best ramen ever.

We also went to Frankie’s (in Manhattan) for my birthday dinner. No photos from that night, but that was a fantastic meal.

Mazurka (Montreal)

This lunch plate rocked my world: 1 Cheese Blintz, 3 pierogies and a giant potato pancake. (Not to be confused with a Latka. I love them both, but Latkas are easier to come by.)

Borscht in Brackendale, BC…

Joey and I ate Pho every day for breakfast during his fall tour.  And in Vancouver, congee for breakfast.  Home cooked meals on days off were pretty fantastic, too. Joey made a clam pasta one night, and the next night Dan (Whiteley) made a delicious chicken tortilla soup…

On the last day of the western leg of the tour we had a Sunday morning Chinese feast…

Of course the Christmas dinners were the best this year.  Friday night at my Babcia’s we had pierogies, as usual. The best. And last night at Memere’s we had turkey and that sort of thing.

I wish I had more photos of the amazing meals I ate this year. Fried chicken for breakfast at that post-wedding brunch in Nashville. The few trips to Guu, both in Vancouver and Toronto.  And Terroni meals are always fantastic.

I could go on and on about food, so let’s leave it at that.

(first 2 photos by Ali Eisner. cell phone photos by me!)

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