Friendships and #reverb10

Today’s writing prompt is from Martha Mihalick:


How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

It’s been really interesting to go back to last December and read my posts from #best09. Partly because I get to see what was important to me, and partly because I can remember the process of writing those posts, and how different it feels from this year’s #reverb10.

my process for the past 16 days:

  1. wake up and read the day’s prompt
  2. make myself a cup of tea
  3. log in to and write
  4. take a break
  5. write my response to the prompt on my blog

Some of these responses came out fully formed in the first few hundred words. Copy and paste. More often, though, I copy, paste, and edit the writing into something I want to share on the blog.

Today I feel like keeping all of it to myself.

But I will share this you:

An analysis of my words about friendship this morning tells me that I’m…

Oh – and thanks to my friend Michael Kinney for sharing this link this morning…

read this—>>  Success of Facebook diluting the meaning of friendship

The article echos some of my early morning thoughts about friendship.

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