Glow House #3

In 2005, I was renting the 3rd floor apartment of this house on Palmerston Blvd with my friend, Peg.   For two weeks that year, the house became “Glow House #3,” a giant art installation by artist Kelly Mark .  50 TV sets were set up all over the house.  On the stairs. In the hallways.  Everywhere.  There were about 10 TVs in the middle of our little apartment that faced up toward the ceiling. Each TV was placed in a way to create this glow.  They would reflect off of walls and ceilings and big white boards.

The family that owned the house and lived on the main and second floors, wisely arranged to stay elsewhere for the duration of the installation.  My friend and I, however, did not.  So for two weeks, we lived with these TVs.

The TVs would turn on at the same time every night, just before sunset.  They were all set to the same channel…City TV. Being set to the same channel kept the glowing colours consistent throughout the whole house, and the house would flicker like fireworks were set off inside.  When the image on the screen turned red for 3 seconds, the whole house would glow red.  Pretty spectacular.

It was strange to be in that house with all those TVs.  You know that really high frequency buzz they make?  Now multiply that by 50!   It was also very strange to come home on a Friday night, around midnight, to soft core porn everywhere I looked (remember City TV’s “Baby Blue” series?)

One night I wrote some music by the glow of the TVs and called it Glow House #3.

listen to Glow House #3 

The most recent Glow House (“Glow House #4”) happened in Grand Prairie, AB.  I wonder if it inspired anyone else to make something.

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  1. Phil says:

    The thought of all those TVs on at the same reminded reminded me of a local theatre production of Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” I was in earlier this year.

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