It’s All About The Morning Routine

Day 2 of Reverb10. Today’s prompt is from Mr. Habits himself, Leo Babuta.

Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

Writing every day for me is actually pretty easy. As a musician, it’s practicing that gives me the most resistance. Writing though, since I don’t call myself “a writer,” is all carrot, no stick.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been pretty consistently journaling every day. It started with morning pages, written on 3 ring paper and stored in a manila envelope.

Then came the notebook years. I still have them all…

And now I’m really into writing on my laptop (on, and blogging on a schedule.

I write in the morning. In fact, I try to do everything in the morning. As the day goes on, all the appointments start piling up – the gigs, sessions, lessons, etc.

I have written about morning rituals before.

I know, without a doubt, that there are two things that rob me of my morning time – the precious time I want to reserve to do all of the important non-urgent stuff. They are:

1. waking up at random times

2. going online too early

It’s been on my mind for a while now. I just got back from a month on the road, and I’m already dying for a solid morning routine.

I have a plan. It starts on January 2nd. (Here’s some advice from Leo on why it’s necessary to create anticipation).

My plan involves incrementally waking up a bit earlier each week while incrementally pushing back the time I allow myself to go online. My goal is to have a morning block of time where I can do the following:


write music



…all before the outside world starts chiming in. That means the digital world as well, and keeping the digital world at bay is as easy as pushing a button.

This month, though, I’m happily hanging out online more than usual to check out all the #reverb10 posts.

(photos by Ali Eisner)

11 Responses to It’s All About The Morning Routine

  1. DC Princess says:

    That’s a fantastic plan. That is something I’m hoping to do as well but the emails that pile up when I’m sleeping get so daunting if I don’t check them immediately in the morning.

  2. ritual. i always used that word with myself and my kids because it infuses meaning. makes it more important. sacred somehow. loved reading this post from beginning to end – and the links in between. thank you.

  3. thanks for reading, guys!

    @dc princess – I know what yo mean about the emails that pile up overnight. But I also think that we all need to allow each other to respond within hours instead of minutes. I guess we set our own standard, and when we reply quickly to emails, people will expect that standard.

    @wholly jeanne – thanks for all of your reverb10 love

    @sarah nicolas – I do love structure. But I won’t cut out the internet completely! 🙂

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  6. Carwin Young says:

    Your schedule sounds nice.

    Instead of doing things at certain times, I simply allot amounts of time to certain things. Music 3 hours, writing 2 hours, drawing 2 hours, reading 2 hours etc… etc… That way every day can be a little different. But sometimes it’s difficult to fit everything in because the schedule is so loose.

    The only time I see morning is when I’ve been up all night. But it’s nice when I see it.

    Good luck with developing your routing. Maybe I can copy it if it works out for you!

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  9. Regarding the writing of morning pages, I often wonder about the virtues of writing longhand vs. typing. I’ve always written longhand, as I love to follow where the pen takes me – sometimes it takes me to scribbling or doodling, and then back to writing. but on the other hand, typing uses both your hands – maybe tapping into both sides of your brain and accessing more of the creative right brain? (for me anyway, cause I’m right-handed).

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