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elvis on twitterThis blog is now 3 weeks old.

Yep.  Just a baby.

I got the idea to start doing this from Josh Van Tassel.  Have you seen his blog?  It’s great.  Check out how much music he shares.  (By the way – I haven’t posted any mp3’s of music that I’m currently working on…yet!  I plan to start really soon.)

musicians: do you have a blog?

Let me know!  I’m trying to compile a list to share on this site.

There is already a very comprehensive list of musician blogs here, and another one here.  And there’s even a whole website devoted to and called Musicians Who Blog.  I love that!  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated in a few months, and there are only 3 musicians featured on the site so far.

So, rather than copying those lists and adding a few others, I’ll just list some musicians who haven’t been mentioned on any of these lists.  They’re mostly musicians from Toronto, since that’s my main musical community.  So please, let me know of any other musicians you know who blog (from anywhere in the world), and I’ll build a bigger and better list to share.

a small list (so far)

  • Josh Van Tassel – Josh updates pretty frequently.  He shares lots of music that he’s working on, as well as photos and writing.
  • Valery Gore – Val has some cool videos here…and her own podcast, too!  She is a fantastic songwriter and all ’round artist.
  • Integrity Of Being –  Ali Berkok‘s blog.  He talks about his various projects, including Arkana Music.  I love that he posted a bad review of his album – in full – on his blog.  Reviews can be so silly.  Like this one for the record I just recorded with Amy Millan.  Oh my god.
  • Ben Gunning – Ben just set up a new site, and I hope he keeps updating the home page.  It’s not exactly a blog, but he updates the home page with news. His music is amazing, and he’s one of the most articulate people I know. Read his bio if you have a few minutes.  Oh boy – I have to learn some of his music for an upcoming gig. I’m up for the challenge…I think.
  • Creative-ed – this is the blog of my friend Doug Friessen, bass player and music educator.   The website is full of great resources for students and teachers interested in improvisation.  You should take a look.
  • Settled In Shipping – Montreal based pianist/composer/arranger David Ryshpan.  I met David a few years ago when we played together with Ronley Teper. He’s been keeping a blog for a few years, so there’s a lot to read if you want to catch up.
  • Shannon Butcher – Shannon is pretty active on this blog, and she’s been dong it for a long time!  I like that she does little 10 question interviews with musicians, too.  Here’s my interview from 2008.

So, do you know of any others that I can add to this list?

Oh – and if you’re not a musician, you can still send me a link to your blog, if you have one.  I don’t only read about music, and I’d love to know what you’re up to.

thanks for reading


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