My Week in Review 10/1/2013

Zerby Derby is on the air!

The new kids show that Ali and I scored together is currently airing on TVO! It’s called Zerby Derby, and it’s super cute.


Tribute to John Prine

I was lucky again to be in the house band (along with Jason Fowler and Maury LaFoy) for the annual Prine Shrine at Hugh’s Room. I think it might be my fifth time doing this show. It’s so nice to dig into Prine’s repertoire like this, year after year. This year I really got into the Sweet Revenge album. I love the production.



Linda Ronstadt is the real deal

So is Gretchen Peters. She posted this on her Facebook page this past week:

“I stayed up half the night reading Linda Ronstadt’s memoir, then came across this article this morning. Bless her for pointing out that music is not a competitive sport. I’ve never seen American Idol either, on an intuitive hunch that its premise might poison what is one of the purest motivations in my life – to try and better myself at making music. If there’s any competition there, it’s with myself. I share her discomfort with the whole notion of competition in art. But I still think she should be in the Rock Hall – for their sake, if not for hers. ”


Thinking about thinking

Why not spend the month of October working on your thoughts? Like, the ones that keep circling around in your head and make you feel bad. Don’t have any of those? Well, aren’t you lucky. The rest of us can check out Sarah J Bray’s Hello Month site for this month’s daily dose of Internal Dialogue Awareness. I’m in.


Where’s My Yamma?

Yesterday morning, an article about Ali/Mamma Yamma went up on the YummyMummyClub website, posing this question:

“What do you think about Kid’s CBC’s decision to move ahead with Mamma Yamma and not her creator?”


Well, what do you think?


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