My Week in Review 12/3/2013

The Women’s Blues Revue at Massey Hall was a blast. So many great performers, including my good friend Roxanne Potvin, who did a wicked rendition of Ike & Tina’s Finger Poppin’.

It’s a lot of music to get together for just one night, so we booked a few days at Cherry Beach to rehearse with all the singers. It was such a treat to be able to share guitar duties with Suzie Vinnick, who is so much better at the blues than me! The whole band was super pro. The last time I played with Brandi Disteheft (bass) was probably 2 years ago with Roxanne. Nice to get to play with her again.


Saturday was full day at Massey Hall. I enjoyed being there alone in the morning, the first to arrive.

And rehearsals in the afternoon went really well. I miss playing with Rox! She was on fire.


Here’s Kim Richardson singing “100 Days, 100 Nights.” You can see a bit of me and Suzie in the background…


Once that show was over, I could wipe all that material from my brain and make room for John McDermott‘s Christmas show, which started the next morning in Newmarket. I’ve been playing with John for a few years, but this is my first time doing the Christmas stuff with him. And I’m playing a lot of drums.

We’ve been stationed in Newmarket since Sunday morning for a bunch of shows in the same theatre, which is a nice way to kick off this busy month. I haven’t been great about keeping my Shows page up to date with all this stuff, but I intend to get better about that soon. I promise!

McDermott and Sonny, relaxing in the dressing room…

Aside from all the music, I’ve been struggling with some health stuff that’s kept me preoccupied. On the mend, though.



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