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This one took a while to get finished. But that’s what happens when three busy people try to create music this way – in between all the other gigs that pay the bills. Over the past few years, Ben Gunning and I got together when we could to write some instrumental music. For a while, we even had a weekly commitment. Every Tuesday.

Once we reached the point of having about eight tunes done, we asked our friend, Joel Stouffer, to join us in taking this project to the next level.

With Ben and myself on guitars and Joel on drums, we developed these tunes over the course of many more Tuesday nights at my house. And finally, in September of 2013, we booked a couple days at Don Kerr‘s studio to record.

One year later, it’s finally ready for your ears!

A lot of heart, laughs and red wine went into the making of this album. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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