Original Music for Pet Sounds Project

Our Pet Sounds project evolved naturally. At first it was just me, Dafydd Hughes, and Julia Hambleton. Guitar, Wurlitzer and clarinet. We performed the album in it’s entirety, in order, instrumentally.

For our next performance we added Andrew Downing on cello, and it became an annual tradition for the four of us to perform the album together.

We added percussion one year, but as fun as that was, the core of the band agreed that the thing we do as a four-piece is super special. So we went back to the guitar-wurli-clarinet-cello arrangement.

The thing is, Pet Sounds is a short album! It’s only about 37 minutes long. So I decided to write some original music for us to play. Something to add to our Pet Sounds set. Inspired by Pet Sounds – something complimentary, but not derivative.

I also wanted to challenge myself to write longer pieces of music. I imagined us playing two long-form pieces of music – one to supplement each set (we play Side A, then Side B). Once I had this concept in my head, I applied for a Toronto Arts Council grant. And I got it! The TAC has been so good to me. They even allowed me an extension to finish up the project. And that’s where I am now…in the final days of my extension, putting the finishing touches on this music.

Here’s a little sample from one of the pieces:

(If you don’t see the track above, click here)

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