Planning The Rest Of The Year

I like the new Year feature in iCal that let’s you see 12 months at once. This makes it easier to plan some things. Looks like the best time for me to finish up my next record is May…

Here’s what I have going on for the rest of the year:

MarchTouring UK/Europe with Gretchen Peters
April – Playing shows close to home
May – I’m going to block out some of these empty days to work on my album. Maybe even finish it!
June – Tuxedo backs up Carolyn Mark for a couple weeks of touring
July – festival time
August – more festivals, and possibly a UK tour with Madison Violet
September – starting to write music for another album

There’s something in the works for October through December that I’ll tell you more about once it’s 100% confirmed. It’s in Toronto and it’s pretty exciting!

2 Responses to Planning The Rest Of The Year

  1. Elena says:

    your planning methods are an inspiration. I find it’s such a comfort to be able to look at the year and have some idea of what to expect, yet I haven’t managed to make it happen so far! haha.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip; it was great to see you at the Pet Sounds performance. I remember you mentioned it was being recorded—will you be making that recording available? I would be first in line to pre-order 😉

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