Professional Vacation

This song was untitled when I went in to record it with Josh.  At one point we were calling it “Miami Space Cop.” I drew an alien in a cop suit on the wall to inspire us.

We even created a dialogue for one section of the tune, inspired by the way the super-shifter effected lap steel sounded like a siren off in the distance. I imagined a character not unlike Edward James Olmos in Blade Runner speaking into a little voice recorder.

So, yeah, we were delirious at this point in the recording phase. We were working for hours and hours in a windowless basement and drinking way too much coffee.

At the end of the day we came back down to earth. When I played the rough mix for Ali, she said the first words that came to her mind were “Professional Vacation.” I liked that, partly because it seemed to belong to the same album that would include a song called “Suburban Hideaway,” keeping in mind that theme of places that are also states of mind, and also because it kept the image of Miami in my mind.  A professional vacation set in Miami is the perfect image. It feels like a driving tune – driving in the blinding sun of Miami, perhaps in the not too distant future.

For this track, I played the instruments in the following order:

acoustic guitar
electric guitar
lap steel
little tambourine
hand claps

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Photo by Ali Eisner. I thought this photo was fitting since it was taken in LA while I had a few days off during a tour with Amy Millan. That’s a professional vacation! 

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