Purge Before 2013

This is my favourite time of year. No one is expected to reply to emails and other requests on December 27th the way they’re expected to on November 27th. What we expect is that people are sitting around in their pajamas, drinking boozy egg nog and watching movies. That’s what I’m doing. But I’m also starting preparations for 2013 the way I always do. I’m doing the last big purge of 2012.

So far I’ve uncluttered the following areas:

clothes – closet and wardrobe
bathroom – cupboards, drawers
front hall (reception area: mail, keys, change, hats, shoes, etc)

This year-end process is really just a bigger version of the weekly process I’ve been practicing for years. I don’t use the word “purge” when I’m doing the weekly version, though, since I’m dealing with less stuff¬†at the weekly level. Week to week I refer to it as a “review” (for the nerds: I do GTD with OmniFocus). But at the end of the year when you gather up all the stuff that’s been pushed aside to deal with later, it gets into purge territory.

I find it helpful to do the year-end purge in this order:

1. Physical
2. Digital
3. Mental

I’ll still be working on the physical stuff for another few days. Time to purge the filing cabinet now…

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