Random: books, music, podcasts, etc

Time for Friday randomness…

Here’s what I’ve been checking out this week.


stitches1covStitches- David Small

My friend Mariko Tamaki lent this one to me a few days ago, so I’m only half way through it.   Mariko has great taste, being a comic book writer herself.  Have you read her critically-acclaimed comic Skim? I highly recommend it.  Other fun facts about Mariko: she’s really good at Guitar Hero…which has earned her the nickname “Hero,” and a couple weeks ago she shared a cab to the airport with David Byrne…making her my actual hero.

visual miscellaneumThe Visual Miscellaneum -David McCandless

I guess I can’t really say that I’m reading this book, so much as looking at it.  I’ve been a fan of this guy’s site Information Is Beautiful for a while now, and so I was super excited to get this book.  It’s a collection of “ideas, issues, knowledge, data – visualized!”

I’m a huge fan of charts.  Even – no, especially–  pie charts!  Just ask my girlfriend. She makes fun of me for this daily.  That’s mostly because I make pie charts of my productivity every day using freckle.com, and then I make her look at them at the end of the day.

So this book is kind of my dream come true.

It’s gorgeous.

Get it.


mamaanton Mama Tevatron – John Southworth

I love John’s music.  What a beautiful songwriter.  I’m very lucky to be playing with him on December 11th at The Rivoli in Toronto.  I’ll be playing some lap steel, maybe some nylon string guitar, and keyboards!  The new material is, not surprisingly for John, radically different from the last album.  I’m listening to learn my parts, but also as a fan.


Under The Mistletoe – The Good Lovelies

It’s pretty much Christmas already, right?  Yep.

I played drums on a couple of these tracks, so I got an advance copy of the album.  I love it.  I think this Christmas is going to be all Good Lovelies, Bob Dylan, and Phil Specter in our house.

C’mon, you need new xmas music! Get it!



Sound Opinions Dissects Progressive Rock!

I. Love. Chicago Public Radio.  So. Much.

Have you listened to Sound Opinions?   It’s a rock n’ roll talk show and it’s awesome. This past week they did an episode all about Prog Rock. Listen…

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

and now for your mamma yamma fix…

with Grant Lawrence…

Grant Mamma3 2

with Peter Mansbridge…hehehe

Ali with Mansbridge

Oh – and feel free to share in the comments whatever books and things you’ve been consuming this week.

speak soon


3 Responses to Random: books, music, podcasts, etc

  1. sorrell says:

    i like that Ali’s wearing a dozen hats. and i just read the first part or “Heroes”. it’s the graphic novel based on the tv show. you can borrow it if you want cuz i know you’re into psy-fi.

  2. sorrell says:

    it’s better and different. but the comic was produced after the show so all the characters in the comic look like the actors on the show.

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