St. Catharines Visit

I went home on the weekend – home as in where I was born – St. Catharines, Ontario. Even though I’ve lived in Toronto since I was 19 yrs old, St. Catharines will always be my home.

It’s only an hour and a half away, but it feels so far.

Sometimes it feels like another planet.

It was a brief visit.  We had lunch with my parents and their friends Darcy and Vaughn, went 5 pin bowling, stopped in to see my Memere, and stayed over at a nice hotel in the Falls (Niagara Falls is only 10 minutes from St. Catharines).  In the morning we popped in to visit my Babcia who made us pierogies for breakfast, and then we drove back home.

Me and my dad

Dad, Vaughn, Mom and Darcy

My score: somewhere in the 130’s.  Not terrible, I guess.

I got a little behind in my work, and I had to stay up late last night trying to get all the Hall & Oates charts done in time for this morning’s rehearsal. (The rehearsal is for Monday’s show)  But it was worth it.

It’s really starting to sink in – something that I know intellectually – that I’ll always be busy. Even when I look ahead at my calendar to July, and I see just 4 gigs booked, I know that it will somehow end up being just as busy as this month is to me now.

My next trip to St. Catharines will be Saturday May 29th, for a 5k run in honour of my friend Cheryl Nelson McCartney.  (xoxo Cheryl!)

Have a great weekend,


(photos by Ali Eisner)

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  1. Sarah says:

    I live 1 hr 10 min from St. Kitts and I know how you feel – it does feel so far away. Even though I haven’t lived there in 8 years as soon as I hit the 403 it doesn’t seem like I’ve been gone that long.
    Your Dad looks great!

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