Summerside PEI to Vancouver BC

Woke up this morning in Summerside PEI, after playing the opening set for the Sarah Harmer show.  The next time I’ll be back in Summerside…at the same venue…is on November 20th with John McDermott. It was funny to walk into the venue and see these two posters side by side…

I’ll be playing with McDermott in Summerside the night before my CD Release Party in Toronto!

After a long flight from the East coast to the West coast, I got to go to my favourite restaurant in Vancouver with Amy Millan, who happened to be in town tonight for a show with her band.  I was pretty wiped and couldn’t make it through their whole set, but I caught a few awesome tunes from the usual spot…

It’s been a long, lovely day.

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  1. Robin says:

    The shouts of “irasshaimase!” as we entered were great, it was just like being in Japan. I can’t wait to actually try out the food.

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