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September 2014 Update

This year has gone by so fast. It’s already September? This is the time of year when I start saying “it’s pretty much Christmas.” Between all of my touring and Ali’s out-of-town work, I’ve been feeling uprooted for the past … Continue reading

Madison Violet UK Tour 2014

I left home yesterday on a 6:30pm flight to London. Now I’m at Heathrow, waiting for my connecting flight to Aberdeen. After that, taking the ferry to the Shetland Islands!   I’ll be on tour with Madison Violet for the … Continue reading

Lots of Touring

I’ve been touring a lot lately. Touring begets more touring. I love everything about it, except that I don’t get to be with Ali. Sometimes that con feels waaaaayyyy heavier then all the pros put together. Only 3 shows left…

Fitbit on the Road

This is my first tour with the Fitbit Flex around my wrist. Although you can track a bunch of different metrics, including calories, distance, sleep, and weight, I decided to narrow my focus down to just three: Steps Active Minutes … Continue reading