The Making Of Aloha Supreme: Dean Drouillard (Producer)

This morning I showed up at Dean’s house with two coffees and a calendar.  Dean produced my two previous albums, both of which began with a meeting just like today’s.

Do you know Dean?  If not, check him out here.


Here we are, backing up Adam Warner at The Cameron House.

Here’s the plan, so far:

  • April 18-22 – a couple sessions at Dean’s to record smaller band tunes (duo, trio, and solo stuff)
  • April 28 – session at The Rogue with Dafydd Hughes, Kieran Adams, and Paul Mathew
  • May 1-7 – finish up any overdubs

By mid-May, all the tracking should be done.  Perfect timing, as Dean will be on tour with Royal Wood for the rest of May.

You can pre-order a copy of the album by clicking on the donate button below


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