On the red-eye flight from Vancouver to Toronto yesterday I watched Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking on the Discovery Channel.  In it, he explains how time travel is possible. He uses the example of a train travelling at almost the speed of light, circling the earth 7 times per second. The time on the train would slow down (of course, to explain why this happens is beyond my capabilities), while time outside the train would continue as normal. It all has to do with travelling almost at the speed of light.

Sometimes when I come home from a long stretch of touring, it feels like I’ve been time travelling. Like the world back home has been moving ahead of me, and I arrive back to find everyone has grown faster than me.

In a way, being on tour is like being on pause for a while. With one singular focus – the show, day after day – it feels like time is suspended, or at least slowed down.

I’m back home now, but just for the next couple days. On Thursday morning I’m flying out east to play with John McDermott.  It’s hard to come home for just a couple days. The re-entry is never easy. You know when you go on vacation, how it takes a few days just to actually relax.  Coming home is the same.

Being at home right now is just a teaser.  My actually re-entry will be during the last week of November.

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