Tracking Fitness and Spending on Tour

Been on tour for a couple weeks now, with about a week and a half to go. Two helpful apps that I use while I’m on tour are Fitbit and Spendee.

I don’t always wear my fitbit when I’m at home. I find it more useful to track fitness goals for short periods, rather than every single day forever. I’ve written about this before. While I’m on tour I like to keep track of three fitnss metrics:

  • steps (goal: 10,000/day)
  • active minutes (goal: 30 minutes/day)
  • water (goal: 64 oz/day)

Doing pretty good so far on this tour. It’s surprising that you can sit in a van for 8 hours and still hit these targets if you’re focused on it.





To track my spending while on the road, I use the Spendee app. This is another app that works well for short periods. I think if you used it all the time you’d be too obsessive and robotic throughout the day.

It’s great for touring, just to keep track of per diems and buyouts.



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