Uh Oh. Missed a Post!

I broke my streak.  I don’t know if anyone even noticed, but I didn’t post anything to my blog on Thursday, June 24th.  I haven’t missed a scheduled post since I started doing this last September.
Only an emergency would make me break my commitment.  And it was.  I actually spent the whole day in the emergency room with Ali.  Don’t worry, everything’s fine.  But the last couple weeks have been difficult with some health stuff.  You can tell by my freckle pulse page…

My email once a day thing didn’t hold up very well.  I’ve got 131 emails to process tomorrow morning.

I was talking with a friend tonight about all this.  He reminded me that it’s all just part of the balance of life.  Sometimes you just have to live in the moment for a short burst, when there’s no time for routines.  No time to plan for the future or dwell on the past.  Health and relationships take priority over everything else, even though life has to slap you in the face to be reminded of this from time to time.

Regular posting schedule has resumed. 🙂

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