Updates: Hall & Oates, Aloha Supreme and Fundraising

Good morning!

It’s Monday.

It’s beautiful outside today in Toronto, so Ali and I rode our bikes down to the market.  I generally don’t allow myself to be on the computer first thing in the morning, but since I’m going to be so busy the rest of the day…here I am!

This post will be brief.  Just a few updates.

Hall & Oates (tonight!)

Dafydd and I (aka This Is Awesome) have been working hard, getting all the charts together for tonight’s show at The Tranzac.  It’s been a race to fill up our shared dropbox folder…

We’re still finishing up a couple more tunes today.

The hardest part is figuring out how to play what Daryl Hall sings.  I might try some of the melodies on lap steel, since it can sound more like a voice than the guitar.

Depending on how many instruments we’re arranging for, it can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to do one of these charts (for me anyway, I think Dafydd is faster!)

We both use Sibelius to do charts.

Oh – and speaking of Daryl Hall…have you been watching Live From Daryl’s House?

Daryl is awesome.

Come down to The Tranzac at 7pm tonight to see if we can pull off these tunes.  Here’s the Facebook Event.

Aloha Supreme

Aside from all this Hall & Oates stuff, I’m also still working on the new album.  I’ve been writing blog posts about each of the tunes, so if you’re interested, you can read them here…

The Making Of Aloha Supreme: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
The Making Of Aloha Supreme: Me Her
The Making Of Aloha Supreme: Chet & Chomsky
The Making Of Aloha Supreme: Take This, Leave That
The Making Of Aloha Supreme: Hammy’s Revenge

Tomorrow’s post will be: The Making Of Aloha Supreme: Bobcat


The fundraising has been so fantastic.  So far I’ve spent $2445 on this recording and I’ve raised $2335.  Can you believe it?  I’m only out $100!

Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the CD.

And thanks for checking in today.  Happy Monday!

2 Responses to Updates: Hall & Oates, Aloha Supreme and Fundraising

  1. Marcus J Wilson says:

    Have a great night with H&O, Christine.

    Abandoned Luncheonette was one of my Dad’s favourite albums of all time. He bought it for me when I was about 8, and it’s been a favourite ever since. Gino (the Manager) is a crazy song too – do you know it? Could be worth a go, but I wouldn’t fancy putting the chart together for it!

    Wish I could be there tonight. Will tune the iPod to H2O in honour!


  2. Christine says:

    @marcus – That was the first Hall & Oates record I checked out. Got it out from the library when I was 15. We didn’t do Gino last night, mostly just the hits…but perhaps a Hall & Oates B-Sides night is in order?

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