Weekly Recap #5: What I’m Listening To, Reading and Watching

weekly recap 5


Semper Femina – Laura Marling [ALBUM]

Lots to listen to with this album, and I’ve been listening closely this past week. Thanks to my friend Josh for recommending this one to me.


Nashville Cat: The Wayne Moss Story – Michael Selke [BOOK]

Wayne Moss is one of those guitar players you didn’t know you knew. As one of Nashville busiest session players, his contribution to popular music is massive. For example: “Pretty Woman,” “Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line,” and Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde. Thanks to Barry Walsh for giving me a copy of this book.

Ms. Marvel: No Normal – G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona [COMIC BOOK]

Well done origin story of the new Ms. Marvel character, passing the title over from Carol Danvers to Kamala Khan. I’m about halfway through the book as I write this, so I can’t give it a full review, but so far I’m digging it.

The Mother of All Questions – Rebecca Solnit [BOOK]

I just love Solnit’s writing. This book opens with a great essay about that question women get asked all the time – and the assumptions behind it. I think I’ll be gifting this book a lot.


The Handmaid’s Tale [TV SERIES]

I’m almost finished reading the book, but I couldn’t wait to start watching the show. Because the show adds so much more to the story (most notably: you get to see things outside of Offred’s perspective), I think going between the show and the book works well.

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