Where and When Can I Buy The CD?

Writing to you from Quebec City today. It’s so beautiful here!

All pre-orders of the new album, Aloha Supreme, have been sent out – downloads and CDs.

I want to wait another week or so before making the album available to the masses, so if you’re looking around on the site, trying to figure out where to buy the album…you’ll have to wait!

You can sign up for my mailing list to be notified when I make it available for purchase…

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It will be soon, I promise. The thing is: I’m enjoying this time, before it’s really out there, when the only people listening are the people that helped to make this album possible! ┬áSpeaking of…

…here’s a very nice post from Marcus J Wilson, one of the first people to support this album:

Aloha Supreme! Micropatronage and Karma

Have a great weekend!

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  1. deltaslide says:

    It’s a supreme delight! Great music that reveals more with repeated listening. “Wasn’t Made For These TImes” especially has been on an endless loop in my brain… Looking forward to what is sure to be a fun release show. All the best-John

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