So today’s Reverb10 prompt is:


How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

(prompt author Jeffrey Davis)

And of course I can’t help but post about our cat, Wonder.

Wonder is a strange and lovely cat. That blue blanket in the photo above? That’s her “boyfriend.” She goes nuts for that blue blanket, and only that blue blanket, biting and kneading it for extended periods of private ecstasy.

About Wonder: You really have to know her rules. She needs to be pet in a specific way, preferably with a stick and not a human hand. She’s easily startled. She’s extremely delicate. Dainty. Quiet.

Unlike our other cat, Ukey…

Ukey is the opposite of everything written above.

If you want immediate love and affection, you can maul Ukey. Squeeze her as tight as possible. Hold her upside down. You could pick up Ukey by one leg and swing her around the room and she’d still be purring.

When you hold Wonder, however, you must turn your head in the other direction, place her lightly on your arm as if she is balancing on her own. And this only lasts for maybe 10 seconds. But on those rare occasions when she let’s you hold her for 11 or 12 seconds, it’s bliss.

(photos: 1 and 2,  by Ali Eisner. 3. Wonder being held, by Graham Powell)

I’m participating in Reverb10.

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6 Responses to Wonder

  1. Kim says:

    What a perfect duo. You can get anything you want from them as long as you know which cat to ask for it.

    My sicky-cat is more like Wonder, a delicate type. He also has much fondness for blue blankets, too.

  2. emma says:

    OH. MY. GOD. I’m in love with this post, and with your cat, and with your cat’s name. Honestly, if I could squeal right now without terrifying my own cat into diving under the bed, I would.

    Pure delight. Thank you!

    And so happy you’re doing the #reverb10 thing too!

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