Your Community Will Support Your Work

“Accountability, one of the most crucial benefits of engaging with your community, is what binds you to the relentless pursuit of your ideas.  As you become accountable to others, your creative impulses become tangible projects.  Your ideas grow roots.  Community strengthens both your creative energy and your commitment to channel it.”

Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen

It’s been five weeks since I started raising funds to make a new album and I’ve already pre-sold over 40 copies!  I’m extremely grateful and I feel very lucky to have so much support.


I’m also happy to see that some of my friends have followed suit, using the Kapipal site to raise money for their projects, too.  This is what community is all about. If I wasn’t raising money to fund my own album, I’d be donating to all of these…





Kickstarter is also a really cool site for project fundraising, but you have to have a US bank account to sign up.  Colleen & Paul set up a page to help with the costs of manufacturing our new record (I’m on drums!)…

Do you have a project that needs some support?

Learn from these examples, tweak and personalize it to fit your thing, and then share it with your community.  It’s not just the money that helps move your project along, it’s the accountability.

“I crave an audience that cares.  And I welcome the opportunity to be accountable – to declare the worth of my offering and to defend it.”

Twyla Tharp, The Collaborative Habit

(If you have a Kapipal page, or any other fundraising page for your project, let me know about it.  I’ll try to collect more of them to share in another blog post.)

UPDATE May 15th, 2010

My friend Karyn Ellis just started one, too!


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